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Monday October 21 

9:00 Registration

9:30 Welcome address and practical information

Setting the stage    

9:40 Anatoly Klypin: Making the Universe, tracing the metals

I. Primordial Nucleosynthesis

10:15   Gary Steigman: Light WIMPs, Equivalent Neutrinos, And BBN

10:50   Coffee Break
11:20   Yuri Izotov: Primordial abundances of 4He and other light elements

11:55 Ryan Cooke: Precision measures of the primordial deuterium abundance

12:20   LUNCH

II. Sources of metals - Stellar Nucleosynthesis

13:50 Paolo Ventura: Gas and dust pollution from stars

14:25 Volker Bromm: Metal Production and Dispersal from the First Stars

15:00 Coffee Break

15:30 Claes-Erik Rydberg: Metal-free galaxy candidates discovered in CLASH


III. Life of metals in different ecosystems

The Milky Way

15:55 Nicolas Prantzos: Chemical evolution of the Galaxy

16:30 Thomas Bensby: Abundances of stars in different Galactic subsystems


17:05 Elisabetta Caffau: Extremely metal-poor stars

17:40 Cesar Siqueira Mello: r-process abundances in metal-poor galactic halo stars


Tuesday October 22

9:30 Heather Jacobson: Detailed element abundances of SkyMapper EMP stars: first results of the high resolution spectroscopic follow up

9:55 Birgitta Nordström: Origin and distribution of the lightest and the heaviest elements in the primitive halo


10:20 Melissa Ness: Stellar abundances and formation of the Galactic Bulge

10:55 Coffee Break

11:25 Barbara Lanzoni: Terzan 5 the remnant of a pristine fragment of the Galactic Bulge ?


11:50 Misha Haywood: The Milky Way disk: formation and evolution scenarios from chemical abundances

12:25   LUNCH

13:55 Garik Israelian: New results from HARPS on abundance of heavy elements in Pop I stars

14:20 Sara Bertran de Lis: Oxygen abundances in thick and thin disk stars

14:45 Paola di Matteo: Mapping a stellar disk into a boxy bulge: The outside-in part of the Milky Way bulge formation

15:10 Coffee Break

Globular Clusters

15:40 Alessio Mucciarelli: Globular Clusters: a chemical road-map between anomalies and homogeneities

16:15 Javier Alonso Garcia: Multiple populations in Galactic globular clusters from a Strömgren perspective

16:40 Loredana Lovisi: Chemical abundances of Blue Straggler stars in Galactic globular clusters

17:05 Ryan Leaman: Constraints on Stellar Halo assembly and star cluster self enrichment from a New Age metallicity relation in the MW Globular Clusters

17:30 Bruno Dias: Metallicities, alpha-to-iron ratios and radial velocities for MW globular clusters stars in a homogeneous scale. Search for multiple population.


Wednesday October 23

9:30 Katia Cunha: Detailed Chemical Abundances as a Probe into the Nature of the Cluster NGC 6791: Results from SDSS3 - APOGEE

9:55 Michael Richer: The Discrepant kinematics of recombination and collisionally-excited lines in NGC 7009

10:20 Beatriz Barbuy: The metal-poor clusters in the galactic bulge

10:55 Coffee Break

Spiral Galaxies

11:25 Andreea Font: Metallicity gradients in Milky Way and Satellites

12:00 Fabio Bresolin: Metallicities in outer galaxies

Free afternoon

  19:30 conference dinner

salle Cassini - Paris Observatory


Thursday October 24

9:30 Noelia Jimenez: Chemical effects from SN Ia in galactic evolution

9:55 François Hammer: Formation of galactic disks through gas-rich mergers

Dwarf galaxies

10:20 Agnieszka Rys: 3D view on the complex star formation histories of dwarf elliptical galaxies

10:45 Coffee Break

11:15 Giuseppina Battaglia: Stellar Populations gradients and metallicity properties of  Local Group dwarf galaxies

11:50 Pascale Jablonka: Sextans at last !

Halo Streams

12:15 Evgenii Vasiliev: O VI in the haloes of star forming galaxies

12:40   LUNCH


14:10 Rosine Lallement: ISM abundances and history: a 3D, solar neighbourhood view

IV. Transfer of metals to ISM and IGM, both in galaxies, groups, and clusters

ISM and stellar abundances of first galaxies

14:45 Massimo Ricotti: Star Formation and Multi-phase ISM in the First Galaxies

15:20 Rychard Bouwens: The Physical Properties of Star-forming Galaxies in the Early Universe

15:55 Coffee Break

IGM at high z

16:25 Michele Fumagalli: IGM abundances in the high-redshift universe

17:00 Evan Scannapieco: The Exchange of Metals Between Galaxies and the Intergalactic Medium at High Redshift

17:35 Lisa Kewley: Metallicity of high-z galaxies and the inter-galactic medium

18:10 Jens-Kristian Krogager: Galaxy counterparts of high metallicity Damped Lyman-alpha absorbers

19:00 concert in Meudon-Bellevue Church

"Music and Astronomy"      (Pipe organ and Pictures...)


Friday October 25

9:30 Martin Sparre: The metallicity of high-z GRB host galaxies

9:55 Michael Rauch: Identifying physical processes of metal-enrichment in the IGM at z=3

Metallicity of tidal dwarf galaxies. Intracluster light / intergalactic light

10:20 Pierre-Alain Duc: IGM metal enrichment by colliding galaxies and the role of Tidal dwarf galaxies

10:55 Coffee Break

11:25 Hans Boehringer: X-ray observations of the chemical abundances in the intra-cluster medium

12:00 Myriam Rodrigues: Gas exchanges between local spiral ancestorand the intergalactic medium in the past 6 Gyrs.

12:25   LUNCH

Age-metallicity relations (AMR) and Mass-metallicity relations (MZR)

13:55 Ivo Saviane: The mass-metallicity relation of galaxies up to redshift 0.35

14:20 Sarah Sweet: Tidal dwarf galaxies and the luminosity-metallicity relation

  12:25   LUNCH

14:45 Fergus Cullen: Mass-metallicity-SFR relation at z=2

V. Models

Galaxies evolution in redshift defined by metal evolution in redshift

15:10 Rob Yates: Reconciling the chemical properties of star-forming galaxies, the Milky Way and ellipticals in semi analytic models

15:35 Michaela Hirshman: Abundance gradients in cosmological zoom simulations

16:00 Coffee Break


That's all folks!

C'est fini...